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Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download

His presence is akin to the unyielding radiance of the sun, requiring no introduction or accolades to affirm its identity amidst the galaxy. Nachiketa Chakraborty, a luminary in the realm of music, has carved a path of distinction for himself over the span of 25 illustrious years. His prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing roles as a singer, lyricist, and composer, each executed with unparalleled finesse.

With over 450 released compositions and an additional repertoire of 300 unreleased gems, Nachiketa stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation. His influence transcends mere musical boundaries, as he endeavors to nurture the talents of the next generation. To find a parallel to his multifaceted persona is a daunting task, if not an impossible one.

Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download
Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download

Recognized as the torchbearer of Bengali music in the 90s, Nachiketa’s contributions extend far beyond the realm of entertainment. Bestowed with the prestigious title of Bangabhushan, he imparts invaluable moral lessons to millions, while his philosophical musings resonate with the simplicity of everyday life. A champion of social justice, he inspires the masses to challenge archaic systems of governance.

With unwavering self-belief akin to a divine intervention, Nachiketa’s journey unfolds akin to the melodic harmony of his cherished harmonium. We cordially invite you to explore his official website, a digital repository celebrating his creative genius, multifaceted talents, and profound human values. It is our fervent hope that this platform serves to unite his global admirers and amplify the resonance of his musical legacy and philosophical insights.

Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download MP3

Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download MP3
Nachiketa Chakraborty Ringtone Download MP3
Pagla Hawar Badol Dine (Remix) Ringtone DownloadPagla Hawar Badol Dine (Remix)Nachiketa Chakraborty, Shreya Ghoshal05:16
Briddhashram Ringtone DownloadBriddhashramNachiketa Chakraborty04:26
Tumi Ashbe Bole Ringtone DownloadTumi Ashbe BoleNachiketa Chakraborty04:31
Nilanjana – I (Se Pratham Prem/Lal Phite Sada Moja)Nilanjana – I (Se Pratham Prem/Lal Phite Sada Moja)Nachiketa Chakraborty05:35
Jakhan Samay Thamke Danray Ringtone DownloadJakhan Samay Thamke DanrayNachiketa Chakraborty04:02
Sarkari Karmachari Ringtone DownloadSarkari KarmachariNachiketa Chakraborty03:34
Daktar Ringtone DownloadDaktarNachiketa Chakraborty03:49
Kalo Meye Ringtone DownloadKalo MeyeNachiketa Chakraborty04:37
Se Chhilo Takhan Unish (Live) Ringtone DownloadSe Chhilo Takhan Unish (Live)Nachiketa Chakraborty06:14
Andhakar Sarani Dhore Ringtone DownloadAndhakar Sarani DhoreNachiketa Chakraborty05:07
Kapal Amar Mondo Ringtone DownloadKapal Amar MondoNachiketa Chakraborty04:02
Jibito Bibahito Ringtone DownloadJibito BibahitoNachiketa Chakraborty04:58
Jakhan Samay Thamke Danray (Live) Ringtone DownloadJakhan Samay Thamke Danray (Live)Kabir Suman04:32
Neelanjana (Live) Ringtone DownloadNeelanjana (Live)Nachiketa Chakraborty04:28
Hariye Jaoya Sei (Live) Ringtone DownloadHariye Jaoya Sei (Live)Nachiketa Chakraborty06:35
Pagla Jagai Ringtone DownloadPagla JagaiNachiketa Chakraborty05:35
Pheriwala Ringtone DownloadPheriwalaNachiketa Chakraborty04:21
Sedin Kuyasha Chilo (Title Track – Male) Ringtone DownloadSedin Kuyasha Chilo (Title Track – Male)Nachiketa Chakraborty, Ranajoy Bhattacherjee03:57
E Mon Byakul Jakhon Takhan Ringtone DownloadE Mon Byakul Jakhon TakhanNachiketa Chakraborty05:02
Abishwaser Rin Ringtone DownloadAbishwaser RinNachiketa Chakraborty05:25
Jaiona Jaiona Kanya Ringtone DownloadJaiona Jaiona KanyaNachiketa Chakraborty04:29
Anirban Ringtone DownloadAnirbanNachiketa Chakraborty04:53
Nilame Uthchhe Desh Ringtone DownloadNilame Uthchhe DeshNachiketa Chakraborty04:16
Poulami Ringtone DownloadPoulamiNachiketa Chakraborty06:01
Ambition Ringtone DownloadAmbitionNachiketa Chakraborty05:31
Nilanjana – Ii (Hoyto Karo Buke Matha Rekhe) Ringtone DownloadNilanjana – Ii (Hoyto Karo Buke Matha Rekhe)Nachiketa Chakraborty03:25
Durga Durgatinashini Ringtone DownloadNachiketa Chakraborty, Rupankar Bagchi, Sonali RoyDurga Durgatinashini07:19
Cofee House Ringtone DownloadNachiketa ChakrabortyNachiketa Chakraborty05:25
Nilanjana – Ii (Hoyto Karo Buke Matha Rekhe) Ringtone DownloadNachiketa ChakrabortyNachiketa Chakraborty03:25
Kare Michhil Ringtone DownloadKare MichhilNachiketa Chakraborty03:04
Jakhan Samay Thamke Danray Ringtone DownloadJakhan Samay Thamke DanrayNachiketa Chakraborty04:02
Briddhashram Ringtone DownloadBriddhashramNachiketa Chakraborty04:26

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