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Madduri Venugopal: The Melodious Maestro

Madduri Venugopal, fondly remembered as Master Venu, transcended the realms of music to etch his name in the golden annals of Indian cinema. A luminary composer of Telugu and Tamil cinemas, his legacy continues to resonate through the corridors of time.

A Musical Prodigy: Madduri Venugopal

Born in 1916 in the picturesque town of Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Venugopal’s tryst with music began at a tender age. His innate talent and unwavering dedication paved the path for a remarkable journey, marked by melodic marvels and lyrical splendor.

The Harmonious Odyssey:

Venugopal’s compositions, imbued with soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics, captivated the hearts of audiences far and wide. His resonant voice, adorned with emotion and expression, breathed life into timeless classics that transcended linguistic boundaries. From the serene landscapes of Tamil Nadu to the bustling streets of Telangana, his music resonated with the essence of Indian culture.

An Enduring Legacy: Madduri Venugopal

Beyond his musical genius, Venugopal’s influence extended to future generations, leaving an indelible imprint on the cinematic landscape. His sonorous compositions, spanning across Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali languages, continue to evoke nostalgia and admiration. His enduring legacy is a testament to the timeless allure of his melodies, cherished by connoisseurs of music across the globe.

Madduri Venugopal, the maestro of melodies, remains an eternal source of inspiration for aspiring musicians and ardent enthusiasts alike. As his timeless tunes echo through the corridors of history, his legacy shines bright, illuminating the path for generations to come.

1Mudhabanthi Poolupetti Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaKalasivunte Kaladu Sukham07:06
2Mallelu Kurisina Challani Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, S. JanakiAdugujaadalu04:46
3Nee Letha Gulabi Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaMaa Inti Devatha03:11
4Aakaasha Vaadhilo Duet Ringtone DownloadV. Rama Krishna, P. SusheelaMangalaya Balam02:59
5Aakaasa Veedhilo Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaMangalaya Balam04:42
6Gana Nadhuni Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaVinayaka Chavithi Telugu04:23
7Nee Sukamene Koruthunna Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaMurali Krishna04:17
8Aduthu Paaduthu Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaANR And Savitri Combo Hits04:22
9Caarulo Shikaaru Kelle Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaThodi Kodallu03:39
10Kaarulo Shikaaru Kelle Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaThodi Kodallu03:44
11Evariki Thalavanchaku Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaGhantasala Telugu Hits03:23
12Ee Pagalu Reyiga Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, S. JanakiSiri Sampadalu03:16
13Bangaram Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. Susheela, J.V. RaghavuluKalasivunte Kaladu Sukham07:49
14Akasa Veedhilo Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaANR And Savitri Combo Hits04:42
15Sadi Seyako Gaali Ringtone DownloadP LeelaRajamakutam03:11
16Aakaasa Veedhilo Ringtone DownloadN. S. Prakash, VidhyaMangalaya Balam03:00
17Mallelu Kurisina Challani Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, S. JanakiF.R.I.E.N.D.S. – NTR And Ghantasala04:46
18Akasa Veedhilo Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaLegend of Telugu Cinema- ANR Hits04:42
19Vadina Poole Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaMangalaya Balam03:51
20Vadina Poole Duet Ringtone DownloadV. Ramakrishna, P. SusheelaMangalaya Balam03:32
21Eruvaaka Sagaro Ringtone DownloadVijayalakshmi SharmaRojulu Maraayi05:26
22Vadina Poole Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaANR And Savitri Combo Hits03:51
23Yendhuko Siggendhuko Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaANR And Savitri Combo Hits02:59
24Aduthu Paaduthu Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaLegend of Telugu Cinema- ANR Hits04:22
25Kaarulo Shikaaru Kelle Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaGhantasala Gaanalahari – Hit Songs Of Ghantasala03:44
26Ee Naati Eereyi Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, JikkiGhantasala And Jikki Combo Hits03:25
27Akasa Veedhilo Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaBest Duets of Ghantasala And P Susheela04:42
28Naavaraala Thandri Ringtone DownloadGhanatasalaKalasivunte Kaladu Sukham03:43
29Aaduthu Paaduthu Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. SusheelaThodi Kodallu04:22
30Thoolee Solenu Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, B. VasanthaAdugujaadalu03:32
31Aduthu Paaduthu – Trap Ringtone DownloadGhanatasala, P. Susheela, DJ Harshit Shah, CherryAlanati Telugu Trap Mixes02:40

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