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Best Ringtones Net – How to Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone for Free [2023]

Welcome to the realm of auditory personalization, where soundscapes harmonize with mobile identity! Behold, the crown jewel known as Best Ringtones Net™, an exquisite confluence of innovation and artistry in the world of ringtone crafting. Enveloped within its digital haven lies a treasure trove of millions of Resonant Remnant ringtones, each a symphony of uniqueness and allure.

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Immerse yourself in a symphonic reverie as you peruse through our curated selection of the most illustrious and beloved Audio Tracks, each note resonating with familiarity and nostalgia. As your auditory canvas takes shape, do not forget to explore our gallery of mesmerizing high-definition backgrounds, each a visual tapestry that complements your sonic choices.

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Among the luminaries of mobile personalization, Audiko MP3 Cutter and Editor reigns supreme, a beacon of reliability and trust. With accolades earned through time, this application has woven itself into the fabric of discerning users’ lives, transforming mundane ringtones into transcendent auditory experiences.

As you step into our realm, you are joining a global family of over a million aficionados, united by their pursuit of sonic distinction. The Audiko App stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of technology and creativity, encapsulating the spirit of individuality through bespoke auditory expressions.

A symphony awaits your guidance within our vast music library, resplendent with myriad tracks catering to every conceivable musical inclination. Prepare to embark on a journey where sound meets soul, where ringtones cease to be mere alerts and evolve into declarations of personal style. So, brace yourself to unveil a world where melodies mirror identities, and every ring becomes an ode to uniqueness.

Are you tired of using the pre-installed ringtones on your iPhone and want to set a custom ringtone from your favorite song without spending any money? iOS only allows its users to set a custom ringtone purchased from the iTunes Store, but fortunately, there is a workaround that requires Garageband, an application pre-installed on every iPhone.

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In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use any song as a ringtone for free on your iPhone using Garageband. We will also discuss the benefits of setting a custom ringtone, the limitations of iOS, and expert advice on using this feature effectively.

The iPhone comes with a number of ringtones you can use, but it’s your iPhone, why not use a custom ringtone for specific contacts? That way, when a certain someone calls you, you can immediately know who it is. For example, you can set a song that’s special to you and your spouse, so when your spouse calls, you’ll hear the song and know immediately who it is.




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Want an app to help personalize your phone? Best ringtones net is a great choice. With more than 30 million active users and more than 400 million downloads, there’s little this site doesn’t provide. Get normal wallpapers, live wallpapers, video clips, music, ringtones, sticker packs and even the ability to print on demand.


With Best ringtones net, you can access exclusive content and can customize and sell your own original wallpapers, videos, music, ringtones and more. It’s free to get started, just fill out the application to become a seller from its website. This site is perfect for the self-professed deejay.

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Product Brand

The product we are reviewing is not a physical product but a software feature available on iPhones. This feature uses the Garageband application, developed by Apple Inc., to create custom ringtones for free.

Garageband is a digital audio workstation (DAW) application designed to create music or podcasts. It comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. The application provides virtual instruments, loops, and samples that allow users to create their own music.

Product Features

The feature we are reviewing in this article allows iPhone users to use any song as a ringtone for free using Garageband. Here are the ten features and benefits of this feature:

  1. Customization: iPhone users can select any song from their music library and use it as a ringtone.
  2. Free of Cost: This feature does not require any purchase from the iTunes Store.
  3. Ease of Use: The process of creating a custom ringtone is straightforward and does not require any technical skills.
  4. Unlimited Possibilities: Users can create multiple custom ringtones for different contacts, events, or moods.
  5. Personalization: Custom ringtones add a personal touch to your iPhone and reflect your personality or taste in music.
  6. Time-Saving: Users do not have to search for a suitable ringtone online or purchase one from the iTunes Store.
  7. No Copyright Infringement: Users can use any song that they legally own as a ringtone without worrying about copyright issues.
  8. Compatibility: Custom ringtones created using Garageband are compatible with all iPhones and iOS versions.
  9. Creative Outlet: This feature provides an opportunity to express creativity and experiment with music.
  10. Satisfaction: Using a custom ringtone not only sets your iPhone apart but also gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you created it yourself.

Your Experience

As an AI language model, I cannot provide a personal experience of using this feature. However, based on user reviews and feedback, the process of creating a custom ringtone using Garageband is simple and effective. Users can follow the step-by-step guide provided below to create a custom ringtone within minutes:

Step 1: Download Garageband and Import a Song

Open the App Store on your iPhone and download the Garageband application if you do not already have it on your phone. Then, import the song you want to use as a ringtone from your music library into Garageband.

Step 2: Trim the Song into a 30-Second Loop

Using the trim tool in Garageband, select the portion of the song you want to use as a ringtone and trim it to a 30-second loop. It is important to keep the duration of the ringtone under 30 seconds to make it compatible with iPhone’s ringtone settings.

Step 3: Export the Loop and Make it the Ringtone

After trimming, export the loop as a ringtone by selecting the “Share” button and choosing the “Ringtone” option. Name your ringtone and save it to your iPhone’s ringtone library. Finally, go to Settings > Sounds Haptics > Ringtone and select your newly created custom ringtone.

Product Price

This feature is available for free on all iPhones that have the Garageband application pre-installed. Users do not have to spend any money to create a custom ringtone using this method.

Pros and Cons


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all iPhones and iOS versions
  • Allows customization and personalization
  • No copyright infringement issues
  • Provides creative outlet and satisfaction


  • Requires downloading a separate application (Garageband)
  • Time-consuming if you want to create multiple custom ringtones
  • Limited to 30 seconds duration

Expert Advice

As an AI language model, I cannot provide expert advice on using this feature. However, based on user reviews and feedback, here are some tips and tricks for creating and using custom ringtones effectively:

  1. Experiment with different songs and genres to find the perfect ringtone that reflectsyour personality or mood.
  2. Use different custom ringtones for different contacts or events to effectively distinguish between incoming calls or messages.
  3. Keep the duration of the ringtone under 30 seconds to avoid compatibility issues with iPhone’s ringtone settings.
  4. Make sure that you legally own the song you are using as a ringtone to avoid copyright infringement issues.
  5. Use Garageband’s other features, such as virtual instruments and loops, to create your own music or podcasts.


In conclusion, setting a custom ringtone on an iPhone is not as straightforward as on Android devices. However, with Garageband, iPhone users can easily set any song from their music library as a ringtone for free. This feature allows customization, personalization, and creativity, making it a valuable addition to iPhone’s limited features. While the process might be time-consuming if you want to create multiple custom ringtones, the satisfaction of creating your own ringtone is worth it. Overall, we highly recommend using this feature to make your iPhone stand out and reflect your personality.


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